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Joining A Crochet-A-Long….


I’ve never done a Crochet-A-Long before,,, But recently I have been searching for one to join.  Alot of the other bloggers I follow have been doing them and it seems like a fun idea!  But, if I am going to make something for the family it has to be something we will use… I bumped into the perfect one for me, well my daughter actually…  She has been asking for an afghan, and at 17 I think it is cool that she wants me to make her something… I don’t think she realize it may be a keepsake someday!  I have several keepsakes my grandmothers  made me,,, I will share them all in a post soon!  It is amazing to have a treasure from someone who would have been over 100 years old, made just for me!


Ok, so a Crochet-A-Long,,, Some of you may not really know what that is… So a quick word on the subject,,, Some one comes up with a great pattern and sets up a pace that we all follow to complete at the same time.  Some are a block a month,,, done over 1 year and you end up with a great afghan,,, Some are a project like a hat, scarf or bag and each week they give a clue and no one knows what it is until it’s done…

The one I chose is a Afghan-A-Month Group (not sure I will do one every month), The pattern is give out and we all work at our own pace,,, finishing at the set date… Then when done,,, we post our pictures in the group gallery and are entered in a drawing for a Red Heart Yarn Give-Away… The Afghans must be complete by the set date and to the minimum specs they have given to qualify, it can be larger if wanted…  Sounded like a great idea,,, And who wouldn’t want a chance for some free yarn!  If you are interested to follow along with me… It’s not too late… Check out The Crochet Crowd by clicking HERE

Today is the first day to begin the Afghan,, The end date is May 15th… Perfect,,, My daughter turns 17 just a few days later…  So, like I said in my last post,,, we went yarn shopping and she picked out her colors… That was a blast!!  She did a great job…



What do you think???  Hue’s of green, tan and cream…


So, when I thought of only 1 month to complete an afghan,,, I was a little nervous…  The pattern is Ocean Waves,,,, I divided it up and figured out how many rows I would have to complete per night to get it done in the size I have chosen to make.. A full size blanket instead of a throw is what she wanted,,, so it’s a little bigger than the minimum specs… Not to bad… It will only take 2-3 rows per evening,,, very do-able!  So off I went with my hook in hand and finished 10 rows already in just a couple of hours…  So far, I am ahead, and that will be a good idea since I have other projects to work on too!


wpid-20130415_185832.jpg      wpid-20130415_185906.jpg

 Ocean Waves  Afghan, 10 rows, 5 color repeat…


My daughter chose a unique choice to repeat the colors,,, I will reveal that in my next post… She is  a future crafter/artist!  As we speak she is in her room macraming a key faub… Love it!  The Pansy Garden Bag I was working on last post is almost done… Just a few more rows, strap and lining and it will be all set!  That big reveal coming soon too!


So here is to Crochet-A-Longs, Keepsake’s and projects in the works!




  1. I LOVE the colour combination! I looks just like the waves coming up onto the beach. 😀

  2. Love those colours!!

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