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Holiday Weekend Crochet…


This weekend was a little quieter than most… I had the house to myself for the majority of Saturday and Sunday… So, how would I spend it… Crocheting of course (and some gardening)!  I couldn’t wait to dig in to some new projects…


My crochet work will be  featured at Alpine Originals for June’s Artwalk the fourth Friday of June…  So, I am building up a large variety of crochet items for everyone to enjoy.  I’m hoping to show crochet as more than just Afghans and Doilies… Over the next month I will be showing it off here too!  I will also be making my “Annual” Flag Rugs and Flag Potholders… They are always popular and each year I make one Flag Rug to sell… This year I may make two being that I am featured right before The Fourth of July…  Stay tuned for pictures of these Rugs…


Here is what I whipped up this weekend…  Whew!



This cute hat is based on Karla Rae’s pattern for her Big Girl Bonnet on Ravelry. I made a few changes to the bill and used a smaller hook than recommended… Great pattern!


wpid-IMG_20130527_091539_682.jpg  wpid-IMG_20130527_091254_186.jpg

These Spiral Potholders are adapted from Barbara Langer’s Spiral Coaster/Potholder Pattern on Ravelry. I loosely followed her pattern and made several changes to get them just how I wanted them to turn out!  Another great Ravelry pattern!



This is a great pattern by Lily/Sugar’n Cream for Mobile Phone Covers… My phone would love to sit in one of these… I closely followed their pattern,,, with only a few small adjustments…


I just love Ravelry… If you haven’t found it yet, check it out… It is the best Crochet  Site for all levels of crocheters!


Well, 14 more items on their way to Alpine Originals… Wow, that was a lot of crocheting this weekend!


So here is to Ravelry, Artwalks and Crocheting!




  1. Some very lovely items! The cell phone covers are really cute! I love Ravelry also.

  2. The cell phone covers are cute. You are invited to share this with Show Your Stuff:

  3. This is so neat! I wish I could crochet, but I just cannot. 🙂 Saw you on Small Fine Print. Would love for you to stop by my little blog if you have time.



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