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Crochet Granny Square True Colors…


The Squares are done and ready to join together… My grandson was the recipient of my First True Colors Afghan… This one is slightly larger… Eli’s was a total of 35 – 6 inch squares…This one is 48 – 6 inch squares… His turned out the perfect Twin topper… Depending on how I join this one… it should top a full size bed…



Eli and his pretty Momma (My Daughter)



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True Colors Afghan Squares, Ready to join…


I will be posting the finished product later this month (which is next week )… Also, I am almost done with my Southern and Sassy Beach Hat by Kathy Lashley over at Elk Studio Handmade Crochet Designs…ย  I will post that one as soon as it is finished… It is awesome!


So here is to True Colors, Southern Hats and My Adorable Grandson!!!




  1. Where can I find the pattern for this ๐Ÿ˜€

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