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Beatrice Ryan Designs Crochet-A-Long…Week 4

Week 4 Crochet-A-Long Afghan Free Crochet Pattern Design is now out!!!  I am loving it so far… This week is a simple 5 row Granny Stripe!  This ties it all together with the beginning Granny Squares!  It is really starting to grow!!!  Make sure you Post to FACEBOOK “Show and Tell” on Friday evenings!!!  Lots of fun and Great Projects!  And,,, Check out our PINTEREST page too!!


Ok… So with out anymore delay… Here is your Week 4 Beatrice Ryan Designs Crochet-A-Long Free Afghan Crochet Pattern!

*Tip~ You will want the same number of 3Dc Clusters on Top/Bottom and Right/Left. Make sure you double-check this before you move to the next row.

*Tip~For the Granny Strip section you will be turning after each row and no longer working in the round.

Row 7:    With non-neutral color – Join with Sl St to Second Stitch from corner (see photo below), Chain 3 (counts as Dc now and throughout) and  2 DC in same stitch,* Sk 2 stitches, 3 Dc in next stitch(3Dc Cluster)*, Repeat ** across, until you reach the last 2 stitches from the next corner(you may be short a stitch and end up with only 1 stitch before the center stitch of the corner. In this case just skip the 1 stitch), 3 Dc in center stitch of the corner, Ch 2, 3 Dc in same stitch(Corner Cluster made), Sk 2 stitches. Repeat 3Dc Clusters, Sk 2 stitches and Corner Cluster, Sk 2 stitches, around. Join to beginning Ch 3 with Sl St. Finish off.

week join


Row 8-11:    Change to next color, Turn work over and Join with Sl St between any two 3Dc clusters. Ch 3 and  2 Dc in same space,* 3 Dc Cluster in next space*, Repeat * *across to corner, 3Dc Cluster, Ch 2, 3Dc Cluster in chain 2 space of previous row. Continue around with 3Dc Clusters in spaces and  3Dc Cluster, Ch 2, 3Dc Cluster in each corner. Join with Sl St to beginning Ch 3. Finish off.


week 4

Week 4 Progress Picture…..


Great work… You are now ready for week 5!!!

Happy Crocheting!!



  1. I am a little confused with the directions. They say we aren’t working in the round but we seem to be. We are still joining with a sl st. We are still doing all 4 corners. The only difference is that we are turning our work. Am I missing something?
    I’d love to do some popcorns or puff stitches next week. Just an idea but wouldn’t that be some nice texture? I’ve never done a CAL before but so far, I’ve been able to get it all done before Noon on Saturday. Then I’m busy with my other WIPs waiting for something new.

    • Working in the round is continuing in the same direction each round and not turning, just working over your last row in the same direction… so we are turning the work and going in the opposite direction for these 5 rows. So that is why it is considered not working in the round. This gives it a slightly different look. The stitches lay differently when you turn…

      I already have some puff stitches somewhere in the pattern… Great minds think a like!

      I finish it too in just a couple hours… I dont want any one to feel overwhelmed… I am so happy you are doing the CAL!

  2. Ok, you have clarified the round part for me. I’ll find something to keep me busy during the week. That’s not too difficult. I’m looking forward to some new stitches. I love anything with texture. Thanks for the clarification & for doing your best to keep it exciting for everybody.

  3. Hi Elena, Thanks so much, this is my first CAL and it is a blast! Last week I was able to wait until Sunday to complete week 3 , this week I couldn’t wait another second and week 4 is complete. I love the colors more each week. Thanks again, kelda ryan Week 3

    Week 4


  4. So, in the first round of granny stripes there’s no ch2 between clusters?

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