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Beatrice Ryan Designs CAL… Week 9

Our Crochet-A-Long Afghan is almost done and we are on the home stretch!!!  I hope you love this weeks section,,, Because it is the last section before we start the edging…Yay, we are almost done!!  This week is a simple section worked in the round, but adds a nice finishing touch to our project and a nice base for the edging!!

Week 9 Beatrice Ryan Designs CAL…

Week 9

*Note: This week we will be working in the round on the right side.  We will also be working in the Back Loops Only.

It is still very important to check your project each row to make sure your stitches are the same Top/Bottom and Right/Left.

Row 30:     Join Neutral Yarn with Sl St to any stitch in the Back Loop.  Ch 1, Sc in same St (back loop) as joining and each St across to the corner.  *3 Sc in the Corner Space, Sc across.* Repeat * * around to beginning Sc. Join with Sl St and finish off.

Row 31-34:      Working in Back Loops.  Join contrasting color to any stitch with Sl St. Ch 1, Sc in same stitch and each stitch across to corner. *3 Sc in the corner stitch (The corner stitch will be the middle/2nd stitch of the previous corner) , Sc across to next corner.* Repeat * * Around. Join with Slip St to beginning Sc. Finish off.

You have now completed the base of your afghan and now only have the edging to do!!!!  We will be doing a simple edging…So come back next week and lets get this finished up!!!

week 9 Cal

Happy Crocheting!!!



  1. I just frogged my afghan back to the completed square stage. I ran out of the color I had and can’t match, went to 4 shops looking for anything. My 2 color afghan is now going to be a 3 color afghan, coordinating blue in 2 colors and ivory. I’m gonna be working my fingers to the bones this week. Wish me luck.

  2. This is so beautiful. Love the colors.

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