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Crochet with Me… Winter 2015 CAL!!!  Week 2

Crochet with Me… Winter 2015 CAL!!! Week 2

So many great Granny’s Circle In Square’s!!!  Week 1 had 5 squares to complete and now we are ready for week 2!!!  I loved seeing all the great pictures on Wednesday night over on Facebook during our Show and Tell!!  So are you ready to finish 1 Strip Segment ??


Here is what we will look like at the end of Week 2…

Crochet with me week 2 Collage ImpeccableMy first afghan is done in worsted weight yarn, using traditional color changing… Loops and Threads Impeccable!


Crochet with me week 2 collage Unforgettable

My second afghan is done in self-striping yarn… Red Heart Unforgettable!!

Week 2 Assignment and Instructions..

This week you will be making 4 more Granny’s Circle in Square to complete one full strip of 9 squares, We will be blocking the squares to get the right shape and then joining them to complete one full strip segment!!  So let’s get started!!

*If you are just starting you can refer to the Crochet with Me tab at the top of the page for all the week’s instructions!

 Week 2~ Make 4 Granny’s Circle in Square… If you need the instructions… Click Here!!



Crochet with Me week 2 Impeccable


Crochet with Me week 2 Unforgettable



Next… Let’s block our squares to make them even in size and shape!!  If you haven’t blocked a crochet piece before… There are 2 methods you can use, Wet Blocking and Steam Blocking, I usually use the Steam Method, but you have to be very careful not to damage your yarn!  For video tutorials on both techniques we will head over to my good friend Tamara’s site,,, MOOGLY!  She has made a great tutorial for both!!

For Steam Blocking… Click Here!       For Wet Blocking… Click Here!

Ok,, Now it is time to join your blocks into one long strip segment!  There are more than one method for this too!!

*Make sure you put wrong sides together when sewing so they all come out looking the same!

1. You can whip stitch the edges together using a yarn needle and yarn, you will do this for each block until all 9 are joined.

2. You can crochet them together with a single crochet (this is the method I used). I crochet in one loop from each square, the closest one facing me.

Or you can join with some fancy techniques… Again, You can head over to Moogly to see 12 ways to join… Click Here!

Just make sure you use the same joining technique throughout the entire project..


Single Crochet Join Back                     Single Crochet Join Front

That’s it… You have completed Week 2!!  Simple enough right??  Next week we will be starting our next strip segment… And… It is not squares so don’t sneak ahead and make more quite yet!!

Don’t forget to join me Wednesday night on Facebook for The “Show and Tell” Post at 6pm EST… and you can also post to our Pinterest Board, Ravelry page and those of you who follow me on Instagram got a Sneak Peak last night of this week!!!

Happy Crocheting!!



  1. patricia woodford

    Its nearly midnight here in uk and i waited all day just to be told to do another 4 blocks 🙁

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      So sorry if you were disappointed! I have the pattern divided into sections like this to make it easy for every level crocheter to accomplish with out falling behind. For many crocheters, this may be the first time blocking and Joining too… so this week is about techniques also… I hope you stick with us… Next week is fun and it will let you see the direction the afghan is going.. : )

      • patricia woodford

        Okey dokey hun will do. I have all my wool and colour lol. I know now next week to wait until monday. Xx

        • Beatrice Ryan Designs

          Sometimes I get the posts our a little earlier on Sundays than I did this week… I was busy trying to get my Fermented Veggies in the jars this weekend… But since you are across the globe,,, Monday may be better for you to check…

  2. Maschelle Mashburn

    Oh, I’m relieved. My chronic illness hit me hard neurologically last week and I have only 2 successful squares, and 5 failed attempts. And each square threw me into an exhausted “mentsl energy recovering sleep. I finally watched a YouTube tutorial on crocheting in the round (learned it long ago, but I couldnt seem to do it anymore). The visual aid made me realize what I’d been doing wrong and I got 2 successful squares out before zi slept fir 12 hours.

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Maschelle, I sure hope you get well soon!!! Im glad you found a way to help you get going on the squares… Stick with it… this will be a really fun afghan!!

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