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Crochet with Me!! Crochet-A-Long… Week 11

Crochet with Me!! Crochet-A-Long… Week 11

Crochet with Me!!! Crochet-A-Long Week 11… I can’t believe we can see the finish line!!  The afghan is nearly finished and all our hard work is about to pay off!!  I hope you are having fun participating or just watching our progress!!

Crochet with Me!! CAL Week 11

Crochet with Me!!! CAL… Week 11

This week we will be so close to the end… you will be flying through the project!!  For this weeks housekeeping tips…  Let’s chat!

Dealing with the yarn ends… What to do?? You have a couple of choices!!  I worked many of my ends in as I made the afghan and as I added the side edge, I worked over(crocheted right over) the rest!  If you have a lot of ends to work in, you may want to weave the ends in that are not the same color as your yarn you will be using for the side edges … Then you can work over the ends that are the same color!  This will make the job go by quickly… Or you can weave them all in before you start the side edges,,, And last but not least, you can just work over all of them as you do the sides!  If you have a lot to hide, working over all of them may make it a bit bulky where you go over them,,, Mine was just fine only having 1-3 strands to work over as I worked the sides… Your preference ~ No right or wrong way!!

The width… Many of us chatted along the way about what we would do to make  the afghan wider if needed… This week you will add the first side edge… It will add  2 1/2″ to 3″ and so will the second edge, adding  5″ to 6″  to the total width.  You will also have a border going around to finish it all off, that will be an even couple of inches all the way around… But, if you want it wider you will just add a few more rows on each side of the pattern repeat, just keeping in mind it will be a bit different that the bottom edge that you started and ended the afghan with… It will look great either way!!!

Evening up the sides… We chatted throughout the project about some of the rows being not as wide as other rows… The side edges will really start the process of evening things out… Just by crocheting the sides; it will start to make the afghan take shape,,, then next week when we finish the afghan, we will be blocking it to make the shape just right.  If you aren’t use to blocking, it is a wonderful way to get your crochet project to have the shape you desire when there is a bit of inconsistency!!


Crochet with Me!! Week 11 Corner


Now… On to the side edges!!

This week you will need 3 markers..


Continuing with Color “A”

Working up the side edge, fold your afghan in half and place a marker at the center point of you project.  Next, fold the project in half from one of the ends to the middle marker and place your next marker (this is 1/4th of the side), Next place your 3rd marker in the same manner on the opposite side of the middle marker.  Now you should have 4 even sections between the 3 markers.

Row 1: Sc 2 more sc in the same st to form a corner, sc 57 sts evenly to the first marker, sc 57 sts evenly across to the middle marker, sc 57 sts across evenly to the 3rd marker, sc 57 sts across evenly to the end, making your last st in the first stitch of Row 1 of the afghan(this should be where you did your beginning chain). =230 sc from the middle st of the corner where you began the side to the last st.

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, sk the 1st st, (sc,dc) in the next st, *sk the next st, (sc,dc) in the next st*, Repeat * * across to the corner st of this side edge. = 230 sts

Row 3: Ch 1, turn, *(sc,dc) in each sc from the previous row, skipping  the dc’s from the previous row*, Repeat * * across. =230 sts

Rows 4-7: Repeat row 3 four times

Row 8: Ch 1, turn, sc across. =230 sts

Finish off

Congratulations!!! You have finished Week 11!!!!!! Easy Peasy… Only one more week to go!!

Next week we will do the other side and the edging!!

Don’t forget to add your pictures to our weekly sharing post on Facebook each Saturday at 3 pm PST!!

And,,, If you would like a chance to win the $50 JoAnns Craft Store Gift Card… Make sure you finish up your project in the specified time frame and get the pictures to me as directed!!  For complete details on the Giveaway rules see Week 9… Click Here



Happy Crocheting!!


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  1. Do I complete both sides this week?

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Only side one.. In the instructions it did say we would only be doing side one in the housekeeping section… but I have now added it to the end of the pattern too so no one is confused…

      • Thanks. The intro said sides….so I wasn”t sure. Will we need one more skein of color A? I am gwtting nervous about what I have left.

        • Beatrice Ryan Designs

          I still have one skein left that I will have to open… The sides will be equal,,, and the edging will take a bit but it will only be a couple of inches all the way around… So if your short at the end of week 11 you may need another.

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