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Crochet with Me!!! 7th Annual Mystery Winter Afghan CAL… Week 7!!!

Crochet with Me!!! 7th Annual Mystery Winter Afghan CAL… Week 7!!!

Welcome to Week 7 of the Crochet with Me!!! Mystery Winter Afghan Crochet Along!!! We are now over the hump and heading to the last half of the project.. This week the base of the afghan is going to be complete… So hang on to your hooks and lets get this thing going!

If this is your first Mystery CAL with me… Check out the past 6 years of the Winter Mystery Afghans and all of the other CAL’s we have done in the Crochet with Me tab at the top of the page! Each week I will post a easy section for you to complete, and in 12 weeks… You will have a fun, whimsical afghan! 

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There are a few prizes involved in this years 2020 Winter Mystery Afghan CAL..

Grand Prize – There will be a $50 Amazon Gift Card for 1 lucky winner at the end of the CAL. The grand prize will be drawn on Sunday May 24th 2020. To be eligible, you must email a picture and permission by Friday May 22nd, 2020 to [email protected] showing your completed project. Entries will be numbered by the order they arrive and the number will be drawn using a random number generator.

Monday Treasure Hunt Weekly Prize – Each Monday starting March 2nd, 2020 a $10 Amazon Gift Card will be given away to one member in the Beatrice Ryan Designs C AL Group on Facebook. Each Monday, a post will be made explaining the rules to enter. The entry time will only last part of the day… so stay tuned in the group!

Congrats to Ravini B., last weeks Monday Treasure Hunt winner!!!

Here is my color line up… You can choose your colorway to be in any order you like… The way my eye liked my colors was from lightest to darkest… A~White B~Stone C~Sweet Pink D~Light Gray E~Cameo F~Pewter


  • St ~ Stitch
  • Sl St ~ Slip Stitch
  • Sk ~ Skip
  • Ch ~ Chain
  • Bl ~ Back Loop
  • Dec Sc ~ Decrease Single Crochet *Insert hook in next st, pull up loop, insert hook in next st, pull up loop, Yo and draw through all 3 loops on hook*
  • Sc ~ Single Crochet
  • Blsc ~ Back Loop Single Crochet
  • Dc ~ Double Crochet
  • Xst ~ X stitch *working over the next 2 stitches, sk st, dc in next st st, dc in previous sk st*


**Each week you will be repeating the blsc row 3 several times(in the color indicated for the row repeat) … Here it is so you don’t have to go back to week 1… 

Row 3:  Ch 1, turn, dec blsc over the next 2 sts, blsc in next 8 sts, *3 blsc in next st, blsc in next 9 sts, sk 2 sts, blsc in next 9 sts*, repeat *to* 9 more times, 3 blsc in next st, blsc in next 8 sts, dec blsc over the last 2 sts. =231 blsc

Change to Color B

Rows 112-115: Repeat Row3

Row 116: Ch 3(counts as dc), sk st, *make 4 Bl Xsts, 3 bldc in next st, make 4 bl Xsts, bl dc in next st, sk 2 sts, bl dc in next st*, repeat *to* 9 more times, make 4 bl Xsts, 3 bl dc in next st, make 4 bl Xsts, sk st, bl dc in last st. = 88 bl Xsts & 55 bl dc

Rows 117-120: Repeat Row 3 

Finish off

Change to Color A

Rows 121-130: Repeat Row 3 

Finish off

** The approx. length at the end of this week is 60″ laid flat not stretched

That’s it… you have completed week 7!! Meet me back here next Sunday for Week 8, more color, more fun stitching!!!

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I hope you love this project!!  Make sure to share your finished projects on my Beatrice Ryan Designs Facebook Page and make sure to share around social media too! Why share?? Because it shares our Love of Crochet!!

Happy Crocheting!!


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