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Wednesday Facebook Fan Favorite… Week 31

Yes, it is that time again!! Time to feature the Free Crochet Pattern you all loved  from last week on Facebook!!~  This Fan Favorite was over the top… over 47000 views. and tons of likes and shares!!!  With spring coming up and baby shower invitations arriving… This super cute pattern would be a great gift!!    So… Here is this week very popular Facebook Fan Favorite Daisy Stitch Bootees by Megan Mills…  To get the Free Pattern,,, Click Here!



Daisy Stitch Bootees!!!


We are winding down our CAL… Saturday our last pattern segment will be posted!!  We have been having so much fun… You may be wondering what is next here at Beatrice Ryan Designs??  I have another free pattern that I will be posting very shortly… So stay tuned!!  It will be another pattern in the Amazing Grace Series!!  

Week 9

Week 9 CAL Afghan…Now just for the edging!!


If you have ever had problems with your crochet projects having issues with becoming uneven, too tight or too loose and not turning out like the pattern suggests… Hop over and read the article I wrote for The Yarn Box on How Tension Plays A Part In Your Projects!!


Happy Crocheting!!!!




St. Pattie’s Day Hookin…

St Patricks Day is a special day in our family…  Today is my Grandmother Beatrice Ryan’s Birthday…  I always loved that she was Irish and born on St Patricks day!!! You all may be wearing something green today for St Patricks Day,,, But what will you be crocheting today??

I will be finishing up the last week’s design for our Crochet-A-Long!!!  We only have the edging left..  It has been so much fun!!  I have had several viewers who didn’t participate ask if the pattern will stay available… Yes, I will be cleaning it up into a normal pattern once the CAL is over… and it will remain as a Free Crochet Pattern!!

Week 9

CAL Afghan.. Week 9, Only the edging row remaining..

For those of you who are participating, Don’t forget you can be eligible for the special prize at the end… A JoAnn’s Giftcard… Click Here for the rules!


This weekend I actually took a break from Crochet..I know… I can’t believe I didn’t crochet all weekend… You may be wondering why??  My good friend and I took our girls to check a nice college out and made it a mini vacation!!  We had so much fun and the college was well worth seeing!!  Both girls are really considering this particular one and we all had a blast because it was on the Northern California Coast!!

Since the girls were little (BFF’s since Kindergarten) I have taken pictures of them as I walked behind them… I thought I would share some from this trip…


A Walk Around Humboldt State


A Great Afternoon on Moonstone Beach…


The Girls Splashing Around


Great Adventure On The Beach


The Redwood Cathedral Tree and Trees of Mystery…


Back Home To Our Little Mountain Town…

Happy St Patricks Day Crochet!!





Beatrice Ryan Designs CAL… Week 9

Our Crochet-A-Long Afghan is almost done and we are on the home stretch!!!  I hope you love this weeks section,,, Because it is the last section before we start the edging…Yay, we are almost done!!  This week is a simple section worked in the round, but adds a nice finishing touch to our project and a nice base for the edging!!

Week 9 Beatrice Ryan Designs CAL…

Week 9

*Note: This week we will be working in the round on the right side.  We will also be working in the Back Loops Only.

It is still very important to check your project each row to make sure your stitches are the same Top/Bottom and Right/Left.

Row 30:     Join Neutral Yarn with Sl St to any stitch in the Back Loop.  Ch 1, Sc in same St (back loop) as joining and each St across to the corner.  *3 Sc in the Corner Space, Sc across.* Repeat * * around to beginning Sc. Join with Sl St and finish off.

Row 31-34:      Working in Back Loops.  Join contrasting color to any stitch with Sl St. Ch 1, Sc in same stitch and each stitch across to corner. *3 Sc in the corner stitch (The corner stitch will be the middle/2nd stitch of the previous corner) , Sc across to next corner.* Repeat * * Around. Join with Slip St to beginning Sc. Finish off.

You have now completed the base of your afghan and now only have the edging to do!!!!  We will be doing a simple edging…So come back next week and lets get this finished up!!!

week 9 Cal

Happy Crocheting!!!


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