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Book Review & Giveaway… Design Your Own Crochet Projects!!

Book Review & Giveaway… Design Your Own Crochet Projects!!

Book Review & Giveaway… Design Your Own Crochet Projects!!  

By Sara Delaney

Today I want to talk about a really amazing crochet book!!!  Design Your Own Crochet Projects by Sara Delaney is one of the most detailed books for learning all the in’s and out’s of crochet I have come across!  Starting with the details of yarn, swatches, and guides to creating every kind of project – Including how to measure and make it fit!…

Now you can make hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, socks and slippers to customize your size…  This 250 page book includes 18 patterns with tons of detail of how to make  Sara’s patterns fit you too!.  I am so excited about the sock section, I can hardly wait to try her methods!!!! With winter in the air here… the gloves look really fun to make too!!!

Sara also has a great stitch dictionary with pictures and over 31 stitch techniques.  There is a great stitch abbreviation and definition section too!  This is a very beautiful book and clear written.. I know all of you would love to have this in your crochet library…

Sara also has a Crochet Calculator Webpage… This tool is so awesome!  You can click on the type of project… then you enter the info like the length, width, stitch pattern and so forth.. then it hit calculate…  It then tells you how much yarn you need… how many total stitches and rows… FABULOUS!!!!!  Click Here to head over to her Crochet Calculator!!

To purchase Design Your Own Crochet Projects… You can buy it on Amazing for super quick delivery!!

And.. just for being a Beatrice Ryan Designs fan… You can have a chance to win a copy of Design Your Own Crochet Projects thanks to Sara Delaney and Story Publishing… *Giveaway restricted to USA and Canada*

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Good Luck and Happy Crocheting!!  Stay turned here on Beatrice Ryan Designs for more great patterns coming very soon!!


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