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Winter Walk Shawl… Free Crochet Pattern

Winter Walk Shawl… Free Crochet Pattern

Winter Walk Shawl

Take the chill of your shoulders this Winter season.. This Winter Walk Shawl is a simple and quick one skein project…  The ombre yarn does all the beautiful color work for you!  Just a few hours and a repetitive stitch pattern and you can whip this up for yourself or a gift…  Best of all.. This is another free crochet pattern!  It is also available in a PDF format!

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Yarn ~ 880 yards sport weight ombre yarn.  I used Rico Creative Wool Degrade in Teal.  You can use any brand of cake style ombre yarn.

Rico Creative Wool Degrade each skein is 880 yds

Or try one of these….

Bernat Pop each skein is 280 yds

Red Heart It’s A Wrap each skein is 623 yds

Hook ~ J


86″ x 16″ after  blocking


St- Stitch

Sp – Space

Ch – Chain

Sk – Skip

Fsc – Foundation Single crochet

Sc – Single Crochet

Dc – Double Crochet

Trc – Triple Crochet

X St – Sk st, Trc in next st, Trc in previously sk st


188 Fsc – Tutorial provided by my friend Moogly!

Row 1:  Ch 1, turn, sc in 1st two st, *(sc, dc) in next st, sk st*, repeat *to* 91 more times, sk st, sc in last 2 sts. = 4 sc and 92(sc, dc)

Rows 2-12: Ch 1, turn, sc in 1st two sts, *sk st, (sc, dc) in next st (this will be in the previous rows sc), repeat *to* 91 more times, sc in last 2 sts. = 4 sc & 92 (sc, dc)

Row 13:  Ch 4(counts as trc now and throughout), trc in next st, X st 92 times, trc in last 2 sts. = 4 trc and 92 X sts

Row 14: Repeat row 1

Rows 15-25: repeat rows 2-12

Row 26: Repeat row 14

Row 27: Repeat row 1

Rows 28-38: Repeat rows 2-12


Turn and work down the end of rows

Row 1: Ch 1, work 40 sc evenly across the end of rows. = 40 sc

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, sc in st, *ch 3, sk 2 sts, sc in next st*, repeat *to* across. = 14 sc and 13 ch 3 spcs

Row 3: Ch 1, turn, sc in st, *(dc, 3trc, dc) in ch 3 sp, sc in next st*,  repeat *to* across. = 14 sc and 13(dc, 3trc, dc)

Finish off.

Repeat rows 1-3 on opposite end.

Finish off

Block into shape.

Congratulations… You now have a Winter Walk Shawl!!! Make sure to see the Winter Walk Headband and Winter Walk Beanie too!!

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Happy Crocheting!!


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