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Rainbow Dash Baby Blanket

This Free Crochet Pattern is an adorable baby blanket that is bright and cheery… It can be made using one or more colors to get the effect you desire.  Great texture front and back too!

Rainbow Dash Baby Blanket 1

Rainbow Dash Baby Blanket 2

Rainbow Dash Baby Blanket

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Worsted Weight Yarn ~ 1200-1800 yards. This afghan looks more amazing using 3-5 colors of yarn.  In the photo shown I used Lion Brand Pound of Love Yarn in Bubble Gum, Turquoise, Honey Yellow and Lavender.

Hook ~ I

Yarn needle and scissors



Sl St – Slip Stitch     Sc – Single Crochet     Dc – Double Crochet     Sk St – Skip Stitch     Hdc – Half Double Crochet     Trc – Triple Crochet

FPTrc – Front Post Triple Crochet~ Yarn over 2 times, insert hook around designated post starting in the front, go around the back of the stitch and around to the front of the other side of the stitch, draw up a loop. Pull through 2 loops x3.



To get the best effect from this simple stitching, you will change color every 2 rows.



Using your first color, Ch 92

Row 1:   Turn, Sc in 2nd chain from hook and each across. = 91 Sc

Row 2:   Turn, Ch 3(counts as Dc now and throughout), Dc in each stitch across. = 91 Dc

Change to next color. You can carry your colors up the sides of the rows or finish them off and join as needed and weave the ends in later.

Row 3:   Turn, Ch 1, Sc in 1st Dc, *FPTrc in next stitch 2 rows below(Around the Sc of Row 1 directly below, See photo tutorial), Sk St(Your FPTrc is taking up this stitch below so you need to skip this stitch to avoid extra stitches, See photo tutorial), Sc in next stitch(In top of row 3)*. Repeat * * across to end. =46 Sc & 45 Dc – Total 91 stitches


FPTcr Rainbow Dash 1

FPTrc Rainbow Dash 2

FPTrc Rainbow Dash 3

Row 4:   Turn, Ch 3, Dc across. = 91 Dc

Change To Next Color

Row 5:   Turn, Ch 1 Sc in 1st St, * FPTrc around Previous Rows FPTrc (See Photo Tutorial), Sk St, Sc in next St*, Repeat * * across. = 91 Stitches


Row 6:   Turn, Ch 3, Dc across. = 91 Dc

Change to next color

Rows 7-82: Repeat rows 5 & 6 ~   76 more times alternating colors as desired.



Using all one color for the edging, continue using the yarn from row 82 or join new color in top right corner of blanket.

Row 1:  Turn,  Ch 1, Sc in 1st st and in next 89 stitches to the 1st corner, 3 Sc in corner.  Working along the side edges of the rows, evenly space 123 sc’s to the next corner(this is approx 3 sc in each 2 row color segment). 3 Sc in next corner stitch. Sc 89 stitches across the bottom , 3 Sc in next corner. Working along the 2nd side of the blanket rows,  Sc 123 evenly spaced to the next corner, 2 Sc in same space as beginning Sc (this equals 3 Sc in this corner). Join with Sl St to beginning Sc. =  436 Sc

Row 2:   Turn, Ch 1 Sc in same St, 3 Sc in next st (this should be the corner stitch of the previous row), Sc in the next 125 stitches to the next corner. 3 Sc in corner stitch. Sc 91 Sts across, 3 Sc in next corner stitch. Sc in the next 125 stitches, 3 Sc in the next corner stitch. 90 Sc across. Join to the beginning Sc. =444 Sc

Row 3:  Turn.  Ch 2(Counts as Hdc now and throughout), Hdc in next 92 sts, 3 Hdc in corner, Hdc in next 127 stitches, 3 Hdc in next corner. Hdc in next 93 stitches, 3 Hdc in next corner. Hdc in next 127 stitches, 3 Hdc in corner. Join to the top of the beginning Ch 2. = 452 Hdc

Row 4:   Do not turn… Sl St in next St,  Ch 4(Counts as Trc now and throughout), 2  Trc in same space (1/2 Shell made). Sk 2,* Sc in next St, Sk 2 , 5 Trc in next St (Shell)* Repeat 14 more times. Sk 2, Sc in corner. Sk 1 , 5 Trc in next St,* Sk 2 Sts, Sc, Sk 2, 5 Trc in next St* Repeat * *20 more times, Sk 1 Sc in corner. Sk 2, 5 Trc in next St,* Sk 2, Sc in next St, Sk 2, 5 Trc in next St*, Repeat * *  14 more times, Sk 2, Sc in corner.  Sk 1, 5 Trc in next St, *Sk 2, Sc in next St, Sk 2, 5 Trc in next St* Repeat * * 20 more times, Sk 1, Sc in last corner, 2 more Trc in same stitch as beginning 1/2 shell. Join to the top of Ch 4. = 76 Shells

Row 5:   Do not Turn, Ch 1, *2Sc in each Trc, and 1 Sl St in each Sc*, Repeat * * Around. Join With Sl St to beginning, Finish off


Rainbow Dash Blanket

*** You may make and sell products from my patterns but if you do I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy and post these patterns and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***

Happy Crocheting!!!


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86 comments on “Rainbow Dash Baby Blanket

  1. Beautiful design, love the colors!

  2. Hello….love the Rainbow Dash Baby Blanket….is it possible to get a written pattern emailed to me….at email listed below. Not able to get it thru facebook for some reason. Thank you so much….love your site…and patterns….lovely workmanship.

  3. This is gorgeous! I’d like to adapt it to adult size. What size does this pattern make so I know how many additional chains to make? Thanks in advance.

  4. This is gorgeous! Is there any way to save it as a PDF? I like to keep my patterns stored on my iPad in iBooks. Thanks!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern!!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! I’ve been searching for a pattern to make for a coworker who is pregnant and this one may be perfect! Thank you!!

  7. Someone is claiming this pattern on ravelry.. Not sure if you were aware. Same picture you have posted here.

  8. Nice pattern, I wanted to share the picture on my page, but those ads took all the fun out of it! Sorry!

  9. Love love love, will be my next project,

  10. I love this! Few questions…1) what are the dimensions of the blanket made according to the pattern above? 2) Did you have quite a bit of yarn left over (since those skeins are approx. 16 oz.)?

  11. Love this! Couple of questions…1) What are the measurements of the blanket made according to the above instructions? 2) Since the yarn you used is approx. 16 oz. per skein, did you have quite a bit left over? Thanks.

  12. Beautiful! And I love the colors! I will be making this one!

  13. I love this blanket!!! Your choice of colors are beautiful.

  14. what a beautiful pattern im going to add this to my ….todo list ….thnx for sharing x

  15. Thanks lovely

  16. is there a clean pprint version of this?

  17. I have been trying to get a copy of this pattern for days. It is so adorable. Would you mind sending it to me via e-mail? marrenem@hotmail.com

  18. This is beautiful! I have several color combinations in mind for Christmas gifts. I am so happy to see your demonstration on how to do the stitches also. Thank you so very much!

  19. Maravilhoso!!!

  20. I am worried my tension is off, the blanket has some curling to it. Should I go for a larger hook? Thank you for the lovely pattern.

  21. Hi, I love your craft, is beauty, I love a colors, I follow your blog, hugs from Brazil.
    Visit my blog – Tita Carré – crochet

  22. […] 8. At Beatrice Ryan Designs, you’ll find this gorgeous design made in beautifully cheerful gumdrop colors. I can only see a bit of the back in this photo, but this afghan looks completely reversible, with two different looks depending on the side you display. Very cool! Get the free crochet pattern HERE. […]

  23. I am going to adapt it for a prayer shawl, using a light brown and white. I am trying to use soft, soothing yarn colors (and yarn) to make my prayer shawls. Thank you again for sharing your talents.

  24. What is the number of stitches in the repeat (pattern) for the edging? I made mine larger, adding chains in groups of 2 to make it wider, and then I did it longer also.

  25. Hi, I love everything about this blanket! If I were to make it larger, what would the multiple be for it?

  26. I wanted to leave an additional comment for those who are going to make this – I didn’t carry my yarn, and now (after finishing the body) really wished I had. Too many tails on this! It turns out so lovely though.

  27. I love this design – but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong…I don’t seem to end up with the right number of repeats and end with the wrong stitch at the end of the rows. I may try it on a smaller scale to try to get the hang of it right.

  28. Do you think a beginner could handle this pattern. When I first saw it, I thought “Oh what fun colors!” I know several grandchildren from age 2 to 12 would fall in love with it. I seem to have a dyslexia when it comes to reading crochet patterns, but with the pictures you provided, I think I might, just might be able to do it.

  29. I am making this pattern in Christmas red , green and white it is gorgeous so far. I am making much larger than the baby blanket but it such an easy pattern and it is fun to do. The finished afghan will look like much more work than it is, :) Thank you for the pattern.

  30. Will do. I can see so many variations for this pattern.

  31. Variations in colors is what I meant.

  32. love this blanket but unable to get the pattern – just switches me from this page back to Ravelry and back here again – would appreciate a copy sent to me – thanks so much

    • There isnt a way to download this pattern from my page directly to you…
      So the easiest thing to do is to Copy and Paste the pattern from my page to a word document then you will have it on your computer,,, or better yet,,, When your are on my page with the desired pattern, copy the URL in the address bar… then head over to printfriendly.com and enter the URL in the designated area… this will let you make a pdf, download it, email it, print it and much more… it is a great tool..

  33. I love the looks of this blanket. Hubby bought the yarn for me to make this a twin bed size blanket for my granddaughter. Problem is I keep telling him when he buys my yarn to get bright colors and he keeps buying pastels. Grrrrrrrr. I hope this looks good using pastels in blue, pink, purple and yellow. I want to be sure I understand. The blanket pattern itself I add 2 per repeat. Do you mean stitches or rows? And for the border you say to do 6 per repeat. Again – do you mean rows or stitches?

    • You will add a sequence of 2 stitches to your beginning chain until it is the width you want… it will shrink in width once you start the rows due to the stitching pattern so make it a little wider than you want… then you keep adding rows until you get it the desired length… The boarder is the same, but it may be a little tricky due to your length you choose.

      • Thank you so much! I have my fingers crossed I don’t have to much trouble with the border. I bought 2 one lb. skeins to make the twin size blanket (just to top and bottom of mattress and overhand only on the sides approx 10″ on each side to totally cover the mattress, bed board and frame. I will try the border from one short side thru one long side. If have problems will make the blanket a little longer to help out the border. :) Here’s hoping I get thru this with a smile on my face…I have to – I absolutely love the looks of the FPTC!!! One of my ceramic students has done the FPDC on a different pattern and absolutely loves the way it turned out.

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