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Throw Back Thursday Crochet… The love of doilies!!

Last week I showed you a beautiful afghan my Grandmother Beatrice Ryan Ramshaw had made for her sister-in-law…  I loved pulling it out and wrapping up in it… Great memories of my Great Aunt and my Grandmother!!

This week I pulled out a small part of my Doily Collection…  She was known for her thread work and I remember many times watching her work on a doily or tablecloth!  When I was growing up, I would get to spend the night with my cousin at our Grandmothers house… She watched Big Time Wrestling and Crocheted…  Our treat was 7 up and Mothers Chocolate Chip Cookies…  We played dress up with her fur coats and beautiful dresses and we even were allowed to try on her gorgeous costume jewelry!  Great memories!!  So here are just a few of those doilies I inherited…









I use these doilies all around the house… I may have up to 50 of her doilies in my collection!!!  I do love working with thread… Just a month ago I found a beautiful ball of Peacock colored thread and whipped up my own doily…  I thought of her so much while I was working on it!!!



Love this color!!! I would love to make a table runner out of this thread… Wouldn’t that be beautiful??


What about you??  Have you worked with thread…and if you have what have you made… Any tablecloths,,, table runners or doilies?


Happy Crocheting….



  1. The Purple Poncho

    They’re all gorgeous!! How lucky to have them and such wonderful memories!

  2. Those are wonderful!
    My aunt made these gorgeous doilie things with a swan’s neck and head coming up from the middle!

  3. What wonderful heirlooms and memories, thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I love crocheting with thread, my grandmother taught me how to crochet 47 years ago when I was 8 with thread and steel hook…I didn’t work with yarn until I was in my late 20’s…I have lots of doilies that I have made sadly none from my grandma. But I do have a pineapple tablecloth she made when she married for the second time it is about 50 years old and starting to come apart in a few places 🙁 but I cherish it as she has passed.

  5. Oh and do you have a pattern for the peacock colored doily you did I really like that one 🙂

  6. The doilies are beautiful. I smiled when I read about watching wrestling 🙂 Lovely memories to hold dear 🙂

  7. I’ve made a several doilies and gave only one. I always give them away. I do enjoy working with the thread. Beautiful doilies and great story.

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