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Throw Back Thursday Crochet…. The 1940’s

I have always love the styles of the early through mid 1900’s!!!  I decided to check out what crochet styles were popular starting with the 1940’s…  Oh how I love this crochet era!!!!  So many fabulous Hats, Snoods, Shawls, Purses and Filet Crochet Art Pieces!!!

My Grandmother Beatrice Ryan would have been in her 30’s in the 1940’s… She would have had two young boys and have just moved to the United States from her home in Canada!!  Her life was changing rapidly! They moved to Mt Shasta to start their own general store, which is still run by my family today!!  A few short years after moving to the US,,, my grandfather was killed in an automobile accident in 1946…  Beatrice was left to run the store with her teenage sons.. After serving in the Korean War, my father took over the family store and transitioned it into a hardware store.. almost 70 years later and my father, two brothers, my husband and  all of our children are(or have) working in the store in the same building Harold and Beatrice started in!

I think in the 1940’s Beatrice probably didn’t have much time to crochet!!!  But, when she did… I bet she made some great, stylish pieces…  I love the pictures of the Crochet Styles and wanted to see what you think…  Do you love this style or is there another era you love??


1940's turban hat 40_Knit_Cafe_Society_Sweater chair-sets-1940s-vintage-crochet-patterns-book-2fb6a Bette 1940FloralSnood e9172457d782e0b937cbe183c0309d5a CT09031568_6__87945-600x600 images crochet4 SFkhvintage-crochet-pattern-to-make-1940s-hat-turban-pillbo vintage-striped-turban-crochet-pattern CrochetedSoakers4303 l_PnfQ1940s-swing-era-ladys-crochet-crocheted-hat-pattern-ree



Happy Crocheting!!












  1. I love vintage patterns. Im fortunate to have some of my grandmothers doily patterns from 1930’s and my aunts(2pattern books) from the 70’s.

  2. I love the snoods. Not so much the flowers on the first one, but when I see them I think of Ginger Rogers and elegance. And the crocheted diapers, with a pattern even are wonderful. I’m pinning that to my crochet kids board.

  3. They always look so elegant in the photos from the 40’s 🙂 As I sit here in “comfy pants” and my t-shirt with my yarn and hook…

  4. What is the stitch used on the first handbag ?

  5. Elena, that is so cool that your family still has the same building and family store. Also so sad your grandma lost your grandpa so soon and had to finish raising their boys alone. I feel the love you had with your grandma every time I visit your blog. Love the snoods. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you Pamela! It is cool… My dad has all his family with him and all of his grandkids work there too… currently my 17 year old is the one that is there…Who knows… he may see his great grands there too!

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