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Amazing Grace Fingerless Gloves… Free Crochet Pattern!

Amazing Grace Fingerless Gloves… Free Crochet Pattern!

Amazing Grace Fingerless Gloves

The Amazing Grace Fingerless Gloves are the 12th Free Crochet Pattern in my Amazing Grace Free Pattern Series!

If you are new to my site, This series is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness  and my dearest friend Sandra Kay Gilb who lost her battle to cancer in 2007. Please consider paying it forward by donating one of the items you make from these patterns to someone who is suffering or recovering from and illness or life event. For more on the Amazing Grace Free Pattern Series and my story, click on the tab at the top of this page.

Amazing Grace Fingerless Gloves ~ Free Pattern

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This pattern is rated Easy…

*Tip ~ You will be working in the round.


YARN ~ 125 yards Bulky (#5) Yarn ~ Pictured here is Lion Brand Lions Pride Woolspun in Peacock




Sk ~ Skip     St ~ Stitch     Sl St ~ Slip Stitch    Sc ~ Single Crochet     Dc ~ Double Crochet     Rev Sc ~ Reverse Single Crochet

*You will be making 2*


Ch 22

Row 1:  Turn, Sc in 2nd Ch from hook and each across. Join to beginning Sc to form a ring, being very careful not to twist your chain. = 21 Sc

Row 2:  Ch 1, Sc in 1st St, Ch 2, Sc in the same St, *Sk 2 Sts, (Sc,Ch2,Sc) in the next St*, Repeat * * , Sk last 2 Sts and join with Sl St to beginning Sc. =7 Ch 2 Spaces

Row 3:  Sl St into the 1st Ch 2 Space, Ch 3 (Counts as Dc now and throughout), 2 dc in same st, 3 Dc in the next Ch 2 Space and each Ch 2 space around. Join with Sl St to top of Ch 3. = 7 – 3 Dc shells

Row 4:  Sl St in next St(this is the middle St of the Dc shell), Ch 1, Sc in the 1st St, Ch 2, Sc in the same St, Sk 2, *(Sc,Ch2,Sc) in next St, Sk 2 Sts*, Repeat * * Around. Join to the beginning Sc. = 7 Ch 2 spaces

Row 5-8:  Repeat rows 3 & 4 two more times

Row 9:  Repeat Row 3

Row 10 – Thumb space row:  Ch 9, Sk St, Sl St in next 3 Sts, Ch 1, Sc in the same St, Ch 2, Sc in same St, Sk 2, *(Sc,Ch2,Sc) in the next St, Sk 2 Sts*, Repeat * * 4 more times. Join with Sl St to the beginning Sc. =6 ch 2 Spaces and Ch 9 Space.

Row 11:  Ch 1, 9 Sc’s in the Ch 9 space, Sl St in the next Ch 2 Sp, Ch 3, 2 Dc in the same Ch 2 Space, 3 Dc in each Ch 2 space around. Join with Sl St to the beginning Sc (the 1st sc in the Ch 9 space). = 6 – 3 dc shells and 9 Sc

Row 12:  Sl St in next 4 sts, Ch 1, (Sc,Ch 2,Sc) in the same St(This is the middle stitch of the 9 Scs), Leave the last 4 Sc unworked and Sl St in the top of the next Dc(Ch 3 beginning Dc), Sl St in the next St, Ch 1, *(Sc,Ch 2,Sc) in the next St, Sk 2 Sts*, Repeat  * * 4 more times. Join with Sl St to the beginning Sc at the top of the Thumb  space. = 7 ch 2 spaces.

Row 13-15:  Repeat Row 3 & 4, the row 3 again

Row 16:  Ch 1, Rev Sc Around. Join with Sl St to beginning

Finish Off

Bottom Edging:

Join with Sl St in any St.,

Row 1:  Ch 1, Sc in each St around. = 21 Sc

Row 2:  Ch 1, Rev Sc around.

Finish Off

Congratulations!!  You now have a Pair of Amazing Grace Fingerless Gloves!!

Amazing Grace Fingerless Glove ~ Free Crochet Pattern


Happy Crocheting!!


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  1. These are beautiful, and look nice and warm. Pinned!

  2. I just finished a pair of Amazing Grace Fingerless Gloves and they are beautiful. I made an ear warmer head band to match. Having 25 grandchildren, 27 great grandchildren and now my first great great grandchild l do a lot of crocheting, knitting and sewing to make gifts. It is a wonderful pass time and I look for free pattern because I live on SS income. I watch for sales on yarn and if I have a like extra money I buy 1 or 2 skeins of yarn, just enough to make small item. The left over yarn I make granny squares and when I have enough for a blanket I sew them together for a blanket. I have an old steamer trunk and I keep the things I make in it. I call it my treasure chest.
    A granddaughter and her husband came to visit this past spring and I told her to go into the trunk and take things for each member of the family. Their are 11 members of my family in Florida. She is keeping them for Christmas gifts to give from me. I want to thank your sight for posting such beautiful patterns at no cost so that I can continue crocheting and knitting. I do make things for charity, also. Mittens, hats, baby blankets and baby caps.i am 81 and as long as the Lord leaves me on this earth I will be making items.

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      That is so beautiful… your family will treasure those items forever

    • Bless your heart for all you do. Your family has a treasure of a grandma . I never got to meet my grandparents .I think back sometime and wonder what it would have been like. Now I’m a grandmother to 8 of my own.God bless you.

  3. Hi I made a pair of these. They are beautiful but I found them too small for me. How do I adjust pattern to make slightly larger?

  4. I would like to thank you for your beautiful free patterns. I am going to make the amazing grace fingerless gloves for my granddaughter who was diagnosed with leukemia in August 2014. I have crocheted a beanie cap, slouch hat, scarf and now she will have gloves. Again thank you so very much.

  5. I am wondering if these can be made in a worsted weight yarn. I made my sister an Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie in I Love This Yarn Navy and would love to make her a pair of these to go with it.

  6. I have the same question, about the worsted weight yarn? Would I use an appropriate size needle for the ww? How would this change the size? My sister fighting cancer has very cold hands in the even in summer/fall would like to make a lighter pair! Thanks! Sue

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      If you switch to WW, the glove will be smaller and lacier… So you would have to use a smaller hook to make it warmer,,, But then you would have to add stitches… I don’t have sizing provided on this pattern because it is free, so you will have to play a bit with it to see what happens…

      • Shannon H Jennings

        I wanted a pair to match the hat that is made with worsted weight yarn and an H (5mm) hook. I increased the initial chain to 28 (note that the pattern is multiples of 3 plus 1), which increases the number of single crochets from 21 to 27 and chain 2 spaces and 3dc clusters from 7 to 9. I also added two more sets of rows 4 and 3 before the thumb space row and one more set after. I followed all instructions otherwise. I ended up with gloves that, on me, fall on the same places on the arm and hand as the reference picture. My gloves came out to 10 inches long and almost 9 inches around on the outside. I used Lion Brand Heartland yarn.

  7. Hi I was wondering would it be easy enough to add a cuff to these fingerless gloves ?

  8. Hello ,
    I am confused with row 3. it says:
    “Row 3: Sl St into the 1st Ch 2 Space, Ch 3 (Counts as Dc now and throughout), 3 Dc in the next Ch 2 Space and each Ch 2 space around. Join with Sl St to top of Ch 3. = 7 – 3 Dc shells”.
    Shouldn’t there be 2 DC after the Ch 3 in order to make a shell? …..If I follow the original instruction I only see 6 – 3 Dc shells, not 7. If I add 2 Dc after the Ch 3 I get 7-3 DC shell.
    Am I missing something?

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