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Crochet With Me!! Winter 2015 CAL… Week 11

Crochet With Me!! Winter 2015 CAL… Week 11

It’s time to head to the finish line and Crochet with Me!!! Winter 2015 CAL.. Week 11!!

This week we are putting it all together and beginning our prep  for the edging for our Retro Style Crochet Afghan!!!  This has been such a fun project, I hope you have loved it!!  Only one more week and you will have a completed project..

Crochet with Me Winter 2015 week 11

Pictured above is my Week 11 Progress Picture!!  This one is done in Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn…

 I also have been working with  Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn for a different look by its Self Striping pattern… You probably have noticed I haven’t posted a picture last week or this week… Well, Just like all of you,,, Life has happened!  A few weeks ago I was offered a really great job as an Administrative Assistant for a local forest products company…  I started a couple of weeks ago and… Yikes~a huge learning curve and long hours!!!  I will be catching up on the second afghan in the next couple weeks and will post that picture too!!!

Are you ready to put your afghan together?? Let’s get to work!

First:  You will join all of your strips together using the same method as you did with the Granny Strip!  Use my picture above for placement or.. If you want to switch it up that is great too!!

Second:  We will be starting the edging with one row of Single Crochet!  So here are the instructions for that…

Join your neutral yarn in the corner stitch of the top left of your afghan.  Ch 1, 3 Sc in the same St (1st corner made), Working down the 1st side, Sc 143 sts to the next corner, Sc 3 Sts in corner(2nd corner made), Working along the bottom edge – evenly Sc 131 Sts across to the next corner, 3 Sc in corner (3rd corner made), Working up the second side Sc 143 sts to the next corner, 3 Sc in corner (4th corner made), Working along the top – evenly Sc 131 Sts across. Join with Sl St to beginning Sc. = 560 Sc.  Do not finish off… We will be continuing from here next week to finish our edging..

Don’t forget to join me on Facebook this coming Wednesday for Show and Tell…

Happy Easter and God Bless You!!



  1. I’m a few weeks behind, but loving this project! I’m 5 months into a new job and finally feeling comfortable in the position. Congrats on your new job!

  2. Congratulations on your new job! That’s Great!
    I just had to pack up my blanket, and soo close to finishing.
    I’ll be moving this week so I will have to catch up.
    I’m not even sure how long before I get internet back but I’m really excited to finish it.
    Best of luck on your new job

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