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Crochet With Me!! Winter 2016 Crochet-A-Long… Week 2 Let The Stitching Begin!!

Crochet With Me!! Winter 2016 Crochet-A-Long… Week 2 Let The Stitching Begin!!

Here we are… Week 2 of the  Crochet with Me!! Winter 2106 Crochet-A-Long!!  Last week we covered the materials list and a few housekeeping items on how the CAL will work… If you missed that you can Click Here.. or head to the Crochet with Me tab at the top of the page!!


Crochet with Me 2016 week 2



For the most part, gauge is not important for an afghan.  But, because each one of us crochets slightly different I wanted to make sure to give you all the information possible to make our projects turn out how we intend them to be.  I measured my gauge using my Red Heart with Love yarn and my J Boye hook.  After making your swatch, if your measurements are different from mine you may want to go up or down a hook size.  I tend to crochet on the larger size.

Swatch:  Double Crochet 3″ x 3″ = 8 stitches x 5 rows



Each week I will post the stitches used for the week…

ch ~ Chain

sk ~ Skip

st ~ Stitch

sc ~ Single Crochet

hdc ~ Half Double Crochet

dc ~ Double Crochet

fl ~ Front Loop

bl ~ Back loop



This project can be made using 1, 2 or 3 colors… If only using one color you will ignore the notations of changing color. If using 2 colors, you will use the second color for color changes B & C. Color A will be your primary color.

Make sure to check your stitch count as you go to stay on track.



For visualization, I am listing the colors in my project.  If you are using different colors you will label each of yours as A,B or C

A: Eggshell          B: Peacock          C: Boysenberry



With Color (A)

Chain 153 sts.

Row 1:  Sc in the 2nd st from hook and each across. = 152 sts

Row 2:  Ch 1, turn;  Sk 1st sc, (sc,dc) in the next st; *sk next st, (sc,dc) in next st*; Repeat * * across.  = 152 sts

Row 3:  Ch 1, turn; (sc,dc) in each sc from the previous row across, you will sk working in the dc sts. = 152 sts

Row 4-7:  Repeat row 3 four more times.

Row 8:  Ch 1, turn.  sc in each st across.  = 152 sts

Row 9:  Ch 2 (counts as hdc now and throughout), turn; hdc in each st across. = 152 sts

Change to Color (B)

Row 10:  Ch 1, turn; sc in the bl of each st across. = 152 sts  **This is your right side of your afghan**

Change to Color (A)

Row 11:  Ch 1, turn; sc in the fl of each st across.  = 152 sts

Change to Color (C if working with 3 colors or back to B if working with 2 colors)

Row 12:  Ch 1, turn; sc in the bl of each st across. = 152 sts

Change to Color (A)

Row 13:  Ch 1, turn; sc in the fl of each st across.  = 152 sts

Change to Color (B)

Row 14:  Ch 1, turn; sc in the bl of each st across.  = 152 sts

Change to Color (A)

Row 15:  Ch 1, turn; sc in the fl of each st across. = 152 sts

Row 16:  Ch 2, turn; hdc in bl of each st across.  = 152 sts

Row 17-20: Ch 2, turn; hdc in each st across. = 152 sts.


At this point your afghan will be approximately 56″ across, We will be adding  3 ” to each side at the end for a total of approximately a 62″ width, then we will add a border all the way around…  So the total will be much wider when finished.


Week 2 progress CAL


Congratulations! You have completed week 2 of our CAL.  Make sure to share your progress next Saturday on our 3pm pst Facebook Crochet with Me post!!

Next week we will be adding more texture and color… This will be a beautiful afghan that will wow all of your friends!!!


Happy Crocheting!!



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  1. Sharon Laubscher

    Can you please subscribe me to receive your patterns / CAL’s

    Love your work.



    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      The way to subscribe is to fill out the “Stay Connected” Box on the right sidebar of the blog…:)

      • I am in love with this pattern but I intend on doing it in 5 to 6 different colors. What are your recommendations for changing colors in reference to that. I see the pattern only has 3 colors

        • Beatrice Ryan Designs

          Well,,, I would look at the pictures of each week and see where you would like the colors to be added…Where the cream is I might leave that the main color and then play with all the other colors

  2. Where can I find part 1 to the Winter 2016 CAL

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Just click on the Crochet with Me tab at the top of the page and each week is listed there with the link

  3. I have a question regarding rows 2-3. I am very confused by what “(sc,dc)” means. Obviously, I know what a single and double crochet are, but, am I supposed to place a single & double in the same stitch? I apologize for my confusion, but, I am really bad at following written patterns; which is one of the reasons I decided to try a CAL. Thank you in advance!

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Yes, when in the parentheses you do that together in whatever the directions of the pattern say,,, in this case it says to do it in the single crochets of the previous row

  4. I finally finished week 2 crocheting. Don’t know where to post pic of the first 20 rows

  5. Hello! How would I increase the beginning chain to make the blanket a larger size? Thanks!

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      In the instructions, It explains that we will add 3″ to each side of the afghan at the end ,,, then a boarder… So what you have now will increase significantly. If you still want it wider that 66″ you can add more than 3″ to each side

  6. I’ve started my CAL Winter 2016 project over because I can’t get it to lie down flat. I think I followed the directions just fine and the tension is fine but I must be doing something wrong. Any advice?

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Most mistakes with this issue seem to be that in the pattern on the first few rows… people are putting the stitches in the wrong place or not enough stitches… other than that without seeing your work it would be hard to tell

  7. Thank you, I figured it out!

  8. I’m joining in on this CAL and was wondering if you had the multiple count as I’d like to make this a bit wider. It’s an afghan for my niece’s boyfriend in the colors of his fav NFL team – Denver Broncos. Thanks.

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      No,, this is a set amount due to the different stitching… but we will be adding 3″ on each side and at that time you will be able to add more width if you would like…

  9. I am getting started very late, haha. I must be doing something wrong, row 2-7 week 2, is skip one stitch and do a sc and dc in the next stitch I thought I was doing it correctly, but all I have is a wave, nothing is laying flat or looking like your picture. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?

    • Beatrice Ryan Designs

      Only a couple of thoughts, 1st is not putting the sc and dc in the same stitch but instead putting them in separate stitches,,, and in row 3 you need to make sure you are just doing the sc and dc in only the sc stitch of the previous row… you will be skipping the dc of the previous row… You should always have 152 stitches.

      • I know I have 152 stitches and the sc and dc in the same stitch so must be in the wrong stitch, off to try again. Thanks!

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