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Beatrice Ryan Designs… Week 10 CAL Instructions!!

So here we are… Our final week!  I have enjoyed making this Crochet-A-Long with all of you so much!!  I love the way it turned out and I sure hope you do to!!  Let me know what you think!!

Beatrice Ryan Designs Free Afghan Pattern

Beatrice Ryan Designs Crochet-A-Long Afghan~Completed

This week we will be doing our edging… It is a very simple Reverse Single Crochet Edging!  If you haven’t worked this stitch yet… there is a photo tutorial for you!!  The Reverse Sc makes a great rope like edging and is easy to make once you have the hang of it!!  You basically  do a single crochet working to the right instead of to the left… No biggie!!  I chose this simple edging so it wouldn’t take away from all of the other great stitching you did over the last 9 weeks…  If you prefer a different edging you are more than welcome to change it up… and you will still qualify for the Giveaway as long as you are done by the deadline…
Reverse Sc

* To complete your edging you will make the last 2 rows using the same color…  I chose to use my neutral, but you can make it with any of your colors you prefer!

Row 35:    You will be working in the Back loops for this row.  Join with Sl St to any stitch in the Back Loop.  Ch 1, Sc in the same stitch (Back Loop Only), *Sc across to corner stitch. 3 Sc in the  corner stitch*. Repeat * * around to the beginning. Join with Sl St.

Row 36:     Working in both loops and using the Reverse Single Crochet, Ch 1, Rev Sc in first stitch to the right and each stitch to the corner.  *3 Rev Sc in the corner stitch, Rev Sc across.* Repeat * * around. Join to beginning. Finish off.

Weave all loose ends in. You may want to steam block or wet block your afghan into the final shape.  This will help make it nice and straight!!

Done!!! Congratulations!!

Free Afghan Pattern

Beatrice Ryan Designs Free Pattern & Charlie

Charlie,, Always ready to help and always guarding my crochet!!

Now for the GIVEAWAY!!  You will have 10 full days to complete your project. You must have all 36 rows complete to qualify.  On Tuesday April 1st 2014 you will need to either email me your completed picture to [email protected] or post your picture to ourSpecial Facebook Finale!!!  All pictures must be submitted by Midnight PST to qualify.  The winner will be drawn at random and will be announced on Thursday April 3 2014!  Good Luck!!

Over the next few weeks I will be putting a collage/gallery together and posting various pictures of all of your wonderful afghans!!  Thank you all for participating and stay tuned for more free patterns!!

Happy Crocheting!!


Beatrice Ryan Designs CAL Facebook Show and Tell…

Don’t miss our CAL Show and Tell …..

Tonight,,,, 5 pm EST on Facebook… Come see all the great CAL afghans we have all made…


Week 9

Week 9 completed…

One more week and we are done!!  Tune in tomorrow for the final pattern section,,, A simple edging!!

Then for all of you participating… You will have 10 days to complete your afghan to be eligible for the CAL Giveaway!!  See the rules HERE


See you all tonight on Facebook at 5pm EST for Show and Tell!!

Happy Crocheting!!





Beatrice Ryan Designs CAL… Week 8

Almost to the finish line with this fun Crochet Afghan!!!  I hope you are all loving your projects… I am absolutely loving all the ones being posted to Facebook!!!  If you forgot to post last night… head over anytime and add to the most recent Show and Tell… Or email me you picture and I will add them for you!!

Are you ready for Week 8??  This is another easy week, we will be repeating the Granny Stripe to tie it all together! And don’t forget… If your are working on this CAL, and you finish it within the time frame… You will be eligible for the CAL Giveaway… A $25 gift card for Jo Anns!!  Details are posted on the Crochet-A-Long tab…

Beatrice Ryan Designs CAL Afghan…

week 8


*Tip~ You will want the same number of 3Dc Clusters on Top/Bottom and Right/Left. Make sure you double-check this before you move to the next row.

*Tip~For the Granny Strip section you will be turning after each row and no longer working in the round.

Row 25:    With non-neutral color – Join with Sl St to Second Stitch from corner, Chain 3 (counts as Dc now and throughout) and  2 DC in same stitch,* Sk 2 stitches, 3 Dc in next stitch(3Dc Cluster)*, Repeat ** across, until you reach the last 2 stitches from the next corner(you may be short a stitch and end up with only 1 stitch before the center stitch of the corner. In this case just skip the 1 stitch), 3 Dc in center stitch of the corner, Ch 2, 3 Dc in same stitch(Corner Cluster made), Sk 2 stitches. Repeat 3Dc Clusters, Sk 2 stitches and Corner Cluster, Sk 2 stitches, around. Join to beginning Ch 3 with Sl St. Finish off.

Row 26-29:    Change to next color, Turn work over and Join with Sl St between any two 3Dc clusters. Ch 3 and  2 Dc in same space,* 3 Dc Cluster in next space*, Repeat * *across to corner, 3Dc Cluster, Ch 2, 3Dc Cluster in chain 2 space of previous row. Continue around with 3Dc Clusters in spaces and  3Dc Cluster, Ch 2, 3Dc Cluster in each corner. Join with Sl St to beginning Ch 3. Finish off.


This completes Week 8…  Congrats… You are so close to finishing your afghan!!!


Week 8 grass







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