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Day 2 Knit and Crochet Blog Week… House of Bee’s! 4KCBWDAY2


The House of Bee’s: Bee’s are busy and industrious, but can flit from one interesting project to the next as bright and shiny things capture their interest.

Today’s  Blog Week assignment is to write something about my chosen House Mascot… Bee’s…  Well, They are a lovely creature, but I wouldn’t want one to land on me… I do enjoy watching them on all the flowers in my yard each summer though…  They are such hard workers..

So,, When it came time to think of something to do with Bee’s and Crochet… The perfect short, colorful project came to mind… Like you know if you follow my blog,,, I make many projects to sell at the little shop here in my home town… Alpine Originals… So for the last couple of weeks I have been constantly thinking what I would be placing in the shop for this spring and summer…  So last night I whipped up a cute little set of Flower Coasters… Super Cute… Don’t you think?


.wpid-20130423_124355_LLS.jpg   wpid-20130423_124443_LLS.jpg   wpid-20130423_124233_LLS.jpg


If you are wondering what these cute little Flower Coasters have to do with The House of Bee’s… Here is my little list of thoughts…

*Easy to finish quickly… So I can”Flit” to the next project

*Interesting… Flowers as Coasters…Yes… That is an interesting idea!

*Shiny and Bright… The colors and flower shape “Capture” the Bee’s attention…

**Conclusion,,, Quick and Easy to finish, Interesting and Bee’s Love Flowers!!!!


There you go… My Mascot Post…Whew!

And,,, To keep you updated on my other projects,,, Since I like to Flit from one to another… Here is my progress on my current Crochet-A-Long... Ocean Waves Afghan Challenge by The Crochet Crowd


wpid-20130423_125324_LLS.jpg     wpid-20130423_125307_LLS.jpg

Ocean Waves Afghan 25 % finished


AND… Yay… My Flower Power Paperweight  Was the top pick for the week at Busting Stitches….wpid-20130416_190915_LLS.jpg stitch buster


So here is to Bee’s, Blogging, Crocheting, Flitting and Crochet-A-Longs…




  1. Hi there!
    I’m a bee too! and I love the project that you selected. As much as I like the idea of doing something big I seem to have much more success when I keep my projects smaller. These flower coasters are totally inspiring and will look terrific in the bright cotton colors I have in my stash. It’s my first time visiting – I came by way of My Merry Messy Life. I love that you are carrying on the tradition as your grandmother taught you that’s just wonderful!

    • Thanks for checking out my site… These Flower Coasters are made from cotton just like you said… I will be posting another set in my blog today for Color assignment for the 4kcbwday4… I will be posting the pattern for free in the next few days!!

  2. Love those flowers! And your Ocean Wave looks great too! Thanks so much for linking up at Hookin On Hump Day!

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