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Crochet Question of the Day……




What crochet project is your favorite to make??

A: Hat/Headband

B: Scarf/Cowl

C: Blanket/Afghan

D: Amigurumi Toys

E: Household Accessories – Dishcloths, Coasters, Rug








  1. It would be a scarf…seems like you can never have enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. A & B are my favorites!

  3. Afghans

  4. With out a doubt hats.

  5. I mentioned you on my blog today nominating you for a Sunshine blogger award : )

  6. Hats, , scarves and Prayer Shawls are my favorites. I tend to get bored with the larger projects.

  7. C


  9. probably B and C for me

  10. Amigurumi

  11. Amigurumi because I don’t feel like I’m doing the same stuff over and over. They’re not that easy to get rid of though. How many of my friends really want a Sackboy from Little Big Planet? Next is baby blankets and dishrags because there isn’t much thought involved once you get the rhythm of the pattern down (also a minus at times) and they make great gifts. And then, I know it’s not on your list, clothes for my daughter.

  12. Favorites: Amigurumi, granny square afghans and scarves. I would make the little stuffed toys all the time if I could, but I do the tiny ones usually with embroidery thread.

  13. I love making baby clothes and dog clothes

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