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Happy National Hat Day – 21 Free Hat Patterns!

Happy National Hat Day – 21 Free Hat Patterns!

Happy National Hat Day… I started Beatrice Ryan Designs in 2013 and have 21 Free Crochet Hat Patterns… Wow, 10 years! It has been so much fun. To celebrate National Hat Day, I put together a round up of all of my hats… Hope you enjoy!!!

National Hat Day

My go to hat is number 19… So soft and warm and I will be wearing it on National Hat Day!!!

1. Amazing Grace Hat.. This was my first and most precious design, dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness…

2. Sunshine and Shells Summer Hat… Fun to make and perfect for warm weather…

3. Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie… An updated whimsical version of the original…

4. Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy…  Super stylish version of the charity drive theme hat…

5. Mountain Berry Beanie…  Quick and fun to make using Bulky Yarn

6.  Effortless Chic Beanie… A stylish hat featuring one of my lovely daughters…

7. Children’s Whimsical Warmth Beanie… A fun hat to make for the angel in your life…

8. Ladies Whimsical Warmth Beanie… A lovely adult version of the series…

9. Simply Shells Beanie…. My latest release using self striping yarn!!

10. Amazing Grace Blissful Summer Hat… Made from bulky cotton yarn!

11. Winter Walk Beanie… Easy to make using self striping yarn!

12. September Jewel Hat… Perfect for the in between weather!

13. Steel Ridge Beanie… A fun 2 color stitch hat!

14. Snowboarders Slouchy Hat… Fun and whimsical hat!

15. Snowy Beanie Hat… One skein of self-striping yarn makes all 3 hats!!

16. Winter Tide Beanie… One of my most popular hats!

17. Amazing Grace Simple Slouchy… Easy to wear!

18. Boreal Bun Hat… Wear your hair in a bun with a hat!

19. Wildwood Waves Hat… Made with super soft yarn!

20. Simple Squiggle Hat… Knit look hat!

21. Soft & Chic Beanie… Simple style hat!

Pick one or all 21 free patterns and get started today!

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Happy Crocheting!!


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