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Queen’s Cowl… Free Crochet Pattern!!

Queen’s Cowl… Free Crochet Pattern!!

This Royal Looking Crochet Cowl is just that,, Queen’s Cowl will turn any wardrobe into a fashion statement fit for a Queen!  Not only is it beautiful… This Free Crochet Pattern is Simple and Quick to make… You can wear it several ways! And… It is another one skein project too!


Queen’s Cowl

Queens Cowl

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      • 99 Yards of Bulky Yarn ~ Pictured above in Premier Yarns, Isaac Mizrahi Craft Yarn in Carnegie Hill
  • Hook ~ N
  • 1 1/2″- 2″ Button


Ch ~ Chain

Sc ~ Single Crochet

Dec Sc ~ Decrease Single Crochet:  Insert hook in next stitch and pull up a loop, again-insert hook in the next stitch and draw up another loop (you should now have 3 loops on hook), Yarn over and draw through all 3 loops on hook. Decrease made.

*This pattern is made by crocheting in the back loop of each stitch.



Chain 21

Row 1:  Working in one loop of each chain, Sc in 2nd Ch from hook and each chain across. = 20 Sc

Row 2:  Ch 1, Turn, Sc in the Back Loop of each stitch across now and throughout. = 20 SC

Rows 3-45:  Repeat Row 2

Row 46:  Ch 1, Turn, Dec Sc, Sc in the next 16 Stitches, Dec Sc. = 18 Sc

Row 47:  Ch 1, Turn, Dec Sc, Sc in the next 14 Stitches, Dec Sc. = 16 Sc

Row 48:  Ch 1, Turn, Dec Sc, Sc in the next 12 Stitches, Dec Sc. = 14 Sc

Row 49:  Ch 1, Turn, Dec Sc, Sc in the next 10 Stitches, Dec Sc. = 12 Sc

Row 50:  Ch 1, Turn, Dec Sc, Sc in the next 8 Stitches, Dec Sc. = 10 Sc

Row 51:  Ch 1, Turn, Dec Sc, Sc in the next 6 Stitches, Dec Sc. = 8 Sc

Row 52 (Buttonhole Row):  Ch 1, Turn, Dec Sc, Sc 1, Ch 2, Skip next 2 Stitches, Sc 1, Dec Sc. = 6 Stitches(includes chains)

Row 53:  Ch 1, Turn, Dec Sc, 2 Sc in the Ch 2 Space, Dec Sc. = 4 Sc

Row 54:  Ch 1, Turn, Dec Sc 2 times. = 2 Sc

Row 55:  Ch 1, Turn, Dec Sc. = 1 Sc

Finish off and weave in ends.

Sew button in the center of Row 8.


Queens Cowl Free Pattern

This Queen’s  Cowl would be a great gift too!!  So get your hooks out and fancy yarns and whip up a few just in time for Christmas!!

Queens Cowl Free Pattern


This pattern was originally posted on Skip to My Lou as a Guest Post!!!  Hop over and check her site out,,, Lot’s of great DIY ideas!!

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From My Home to Yours… Happy Thanksgiving!!

From My Home to Yours… Happy Thanksgiving!!


Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive… We have a Winner!!!

Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive… We have a Winner!!!

The Amazing Grace Crochet Charity Drive was a huge success!!!  So many great projects were sent in and the generosity brought tears to my eyes!!!  We met our goal of 250 items to donate to Crochet For Cancer!!


Amazing Grace Prize Package Giveaway

Find out who won this fun Prize Package….

To start off… I want to personally thank each and everyone who participated and all of you who are donating on your own!!!  I would like to start by showing all the pictures I took of the great items!!!  But,,, Keep scrolling down to see who the winner is!!!  And maybe next year it will be you!!!

All of these items will be sent to various chapters of Crochet For Cancer… They are very excited and thankful for all of these items!!!!!


Ok… Here we go!


250 items to donate to Crochet for Cancer!!!


Adult Hats


Baby and  Children’s Items




Ruffle Scarves Rolled into Rosettes..




Hats with Flowers


Fun Hats with Curly Toppers


Animal Hats


Prayer Shawls…


Amazing Grace Hats with Sparkle!!


Adult to Preemie Hats


Hats with Flowers


Amazing Grace Hat and Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie Hat


Children’s Striped Hats


Fancy Slouchy Hats…


Baby Sets…


Lots of great Baby and Children’s Items


Cocoon and Hat Set for Infant’s

Wasn’t that amazing!!!  So many great items!!!  Now,,, On to our winner…

I assigned each item a number and then used an online number randomizer to pick the winner’s number!!!  Are you ready??


Enter a lower limit:          1
Enter an upper limit:    250
Random Number:         122


Using this number randomizer we now have a winner!!!!

D. Stout 1-53, 66-125, 143-229 ****Winner with Random number 122**
A. Vo 54-57
V. Burdell 58-65
C. Calderon 126-128
D. Pozner 129-132
V. Scott 133-134
L. Mann 135
C. Adams 136-139
Ashley ? 140-142
P Peterson 230-238
Me 239-250

I will be in contact with the winner to get your prize package mailed out!!  Congratulations!!


Thank you all for participating and I encourage all of you to keep paying it forward by donating your finished items to those who are suffering and recovering from any life circumstance!!!  Please keep enjoying my free patterns and stay tuned for many more to come!!


Happy Crocheting!!


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