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Coming September 1st… Amazing Grace Charity Crochet Extravaganza!!!

I am preparing a Crochet Charity Drive starting September 1st…  Lots of fun, prizes and paying it forward!!!  I will be featuring my story about the Amazing Grace Free Crochet Pattern Series… And promoting the free patterns in this series for a very special donation for Breast Cancer Awareness in October 2014!!!  Stay tuned for this big 8 week event!!!!  And… A new Amazing Grace Pattern for the Finale!!

In the meantime… Hop over to my Amazing Grace Free Pattern Series Page and have some fun with these Free Patterns… Click here to view the patterns

Amazing Grace Charity Extravaganza


Happy Crocheting…


Monday Makings and Crochet Pattern Review…

I can’t imagine a week without crochet!!!  This last week I have had many hours to sit and create… I love to design new projects and  one of my favorite things to design has been my Amazing Grace Series!!  I am working on the 8th pattern in the series, if you have been following then you know.. It is a Baby Blanket!!  If you are new to Beatrice Ryan Designs or don’t really know the back story of this Amazing Grace Series… I have dedicated these patterns to Breast Cancer Awareness and my dearest friend Sandra Kay Gilb who passed away in 2007 from this disease!  The same stitch pattern is used in all of the projects designed in the series..  Now that I have several patterns in the series, I have expanded my dedication to making these patterns for all cancer types and anyone who is suffering or recovering from a major illness.  My hope is that if you love one of these patterns,,, You might make and donate one of your projects to the cause!  These patterns are for personal use too and I hope you enjoy making some for yourself or as gifts!!

So,,, This week I am over half way done with the pattern and here is another quick peek!!  The Amazing Grace Baby Blanket!!

Amazing Grace blanketAGB

Amazing Grace Baby Blanket Coming Soon!!

Next up… A quick little pattern review… I am always wanting to make a quick fun project designed by someone else… So this week I made this adorable little Hedgehog.. This is a Red Heart Pattern and it is free… It was fun to make and I think any little one would love receiving this cute, soft toy!!  Click Here for the pattern!!


And, I can’t resist showing you another picture of my favorite dog,,, Charlie… He is always with me when I am trying to photograph my projects… He posed for this one just after I took the pictures of  the Amazing Grace Baby Blanket…


Happy Crocheting




Amazing Grace Summer Crochet Coaster Set

Amazing Grace Summer Crochet Coaster Set

This Amazing Grace Summer Crochet Coaster Set  is the 7th pattern in the Amazing Grace Crochet Pattern Series. 

The Amazing Grace Series is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness and use a specific stitch pattern for all of the patterns.  These coasters would definitely  cheer up someone suffering or recovering from any illness .  Combined with a cute mug and some great tea or coffee, this would be a great gift!  These are super quick and easy to make!!


 Amazing Grace Coaster Set - Free Crochet Pattern

Amazing Grace Summer Crochet Coaster Set

If you love this… Click Here to put it in you queue and favorites on Ravelry



DK Weight Yarn 100 Yards- 4 Coasters,

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Pictured- Cascade Yarns  Pima Tencel in Spring Green

Hook – E


St – Stitch     Sl St – Slip Stitch     Sk – Skip       Ch – Chain      Sc – Single Crochet     Dc – Double Crochet



Base of Coaster

Ch 15

Row 1:   Sc in 2nd Ch from hook, Sk 1, *(Sc, Ch 2, Sc) all in next St, Sk 2*, Repeat across ending with (Sc, Ch 2, Sc) to last 2 Sts. Sk 1, Sc in last St. = 2 Sc and 4 (Sc, Ch 2, Sc) spaces.

Row 2:   Ch 3 (Counts as Dc now and throughout), Turn, 3 Dc in next Ch 2 Sp(Shell Made) 4 times, Dc in last Sc. = 2 Dc and 4 Shells.

Row 3:   Ch 1, Turn, Sc in 1st St, Sk 1, (Sc, Ch 2, Sc) in next st, *Sk 2, (Sc, Ch 2, Sc) in next st* Repeat * * 2 more times, Sk 1, Sc in last St. = 2 Sc and 4 (Sc, Ch 2, Sc) spaces.

Row 4-8:   Repeat rows 2 & 3 two more times, then repeat Row 2 once more.



Row 1:    Ch 1, Turn, Sc in same as turning and next 12 across, 3 Sc in next st (Corner Made), Sc 12 evenly down the sides of coaster rows, 3 Sc in bottom corner,  Sc 12 across bottom of coaster, 3 Sc in bottom corner, 1 Sc evenly up side of coaster rows, 2 Sc in same as beginning Sc to make last corner. Join with Sl St to beginning. = 60 Sc

Row 2:   Ch 1, Turn,Sc in first St, 3 Sc in next St(corner), Sc in next 14, 3 Sc in next St (Corner), Sc in next 14, 3 Sc in next St(Corner), Sc in next 14, 3 Sc in next St (Corner), Sc in next 13, Join With Sl St to beginning. Finish Off. = 68 Sc

Weave in ends.



 Amazing Grace Summer Coaster Set


The Amazing Grace Free Crochet Pattern Series is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness and my dearest friend Sandra Kay Gilb.  Sandra passed away in 2007  from Breast Cancer.  This was a devastating loss and spurred my passion for Breast Cancer Awareness!  At the age of 43 Sandra was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, the same disease that took her mother’s life many years earlier and claimed Sandra’s life in less than 2 years.  Each Amazing Grace Pattern is designed to comfort cancer patients as they are treated and recovering from this or any disease!!  Please pay it forward by donating items made from these patterns to help someone afflicted by this disease.


I hope you also enjoy making them for yourselves, for gifts and spreading the word about Breast Cancer Awareness by sending other crocheter’s to my site to build Awareness and a Charitable Community!

Happy Crocheting!!



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