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Crochet with Me!! Winter 2017 CAL.. Week 5!!

Crochet with Me!! Winter 2017 CAL.. Week 5!!

Crochet with Me!! Winter 2017 CAL… Here is Week 5 Instructions!!


Crochet with Me!! CAL Week 5


This week the assignment is all about adding a little length from the squarish afghan, transitioning it to more of a rectangle…  I love adding all these stitch combinations, my home is filled with all the whimsical afghans I have created over the years!  This week, the stitch pattern is a 2 row repeat and once you get the hang of it… This section flys by!!

I hope you will love the addition, and don’t forget… I will be giving you a fill in option for the center.. So stay tuned next week for that!

Also, Next week I will be posting the information and rules on the GIVEAWAY that Red Heart is sponsoring… I love Red Heart Yarns and With Love make such great afghans!!

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If you haven’t joined our Beatrice Ryan Designs CAL Group… You may want to,, even if it is just to see all the great progress pics… And, I will continue to have Crochet Alongs all year long.  So, you may want to be part of the fun CAL’s all year long…

Are you ready for week 5??  Let’s get stitching!!

Week 5

This weeks special stitch is a cluster~

Cl – Cluster   *Yo, insert hook in sp, draw up loop to dc height, Yo, draw thru 2 loops*, repeat *to* once more in same sp, Yo, draw thru 3 loops. Cl made

Starting on the wrong side… Join color A with sl st to the top right ch1 corner sp that is above the previous tall rounds.

Row 41:  Ch 3, dc in nex 5 sts, *ch 3, sk 2 sts, sc in next st, ch 3, sk 3 sts,  sc in next st, ch 3, sk 2 sts, dc in next 3 sts*, repeat *to* 8 more times, dc in last 3 sts. = 36 dc, 27 ch3 sps & 18 sc

Row 42:  Ch 3, turn, dc in next 5 sts, *sk next ch3 sp, (Cl,ch 3) 4 times in next ch3 sp, Cl in same sp, sk next ch 3, dc in next 3 sts*, repeat *to* across, dc in last 3 sts. =9 Cl groups & 36 dc

Row 43:  Ch 3, turn, dc in next 5 sts, *ch 3, sk next ch3 sp, sc in next ch 3 sp, ch 3, sc in next ch3 sp, ch 3, sk next ch3 sp, dc in next 3 sts*, repeat *to* across, dc in last 3 sts. =36 dc & 26 ch3 sps

Change to color B, join with sl st in last dc worked with color A

Row 44-45:  Repeat rows 42 & 43

Change to color C, join with sl st in last dc worked with color B

Rows 46-47:  Repeat rows 42 & 43

Change to color D, join with sl st in last dc worked with color C

Rows 48 – 49: repeat rows 42 & 43

Finish off

Turn work over to opposite end of project.  For this section only, even rows will be the wrong side and odd rows will be the right side.

Rows 50 – 58:  Beginning on the wrong side, repeat rows 41 – 49

Finish off

The approximate size at the end of week 5 is 53″ x 40″

That’s it!!  Congratulations,, You have just completed week 5!!  I hope you loved this section!

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Happy Crocheting!!



Crochet With Me!!!  Week 5 CAL…

Crochet With Me!!! Week 5 CAL…

Welcome back to Crochet with Me!!!  Our weekly Crochet A Long Segment…

If you love to crochet afghans,,, Join me each week to work on our current Crochet~A~Long!!  Currently we are working on a Vintage Fan Ripple Afghan… We are approaching the half way mark, so it’s still not to late to join in on this fun project!!  If you are participating don’t forget to email your progress photos in so we can all share!!

Here are last weeks progress pictures…The first one is mine and below that is two of our friends wonderful progress photos!!

crochet with me 5






This pattern is very easy and looks great… It is a vintage pattern, and we are using A Creative Being’s updated pattern for this project… To stay connected and get all the weekly pattern assignments… Click on the Crochet with Me tab at the top of the page!!    I would love to hear how your project is coming along… and in the next couple weeks I will have a poll to vote for our next Crochet With Me project!!  So stay tuned!!

This Week’s Crochet With Me Assignment…

This week is a busy week for most of us… With Halloween in the mix,,, I am sure we will all be making costumes, going to parties and getting our little ones ready for some fun… I will be traveling to see my oldest daughter and grandson for the weekend… So lets do 2 more color segemnts!!    Segments 11 & 12 will get us through this week… YAY!!  I hope you are loving this!!  I hope to see my email filling up with your progress pictures!

Happy Crocheting!!


Monday Makings… A new look and lots of crochet coming you way!!

Monday Makings… A new look and lots of crochet coming you way!!

I didn’t get much crocheting accomplished..  Over the weekend I was busily working on the website making the new changes.. Many things are still the same,  but I did change the theme slightly which changed the top of the site and the boxes the posts are in… Also some of the advertising is positioned a little differently… You may wonder why I have had advertising in the past and why it will be added this time too…  Running a website isn’t free and it helps off set the cost of the website and the costs of designing and publishing my free patterns…

One of the best upgrades in my opinion,,, besides the cute theme… Is the Print Friendly button at the bottom of each post… This nice little button will make it very easy for you to print out  my patterns without all the other pieces of the website… You click on it and it takes you to a screen with the page you are wanting to print…

printfriendly Look for this button at the bottom of each page!

This is one of my favorite tools!!

Here is what you can do with Print Friendly…

1. Print

2. Make a PDF

3. Send it as an email

4. Delete the sections you don’t want to print… Very customizable!!

This is one of my favorite tools!! You will find the button at the bottom left of each post… above “Related Posts”


A few other changes I like….

At the bottom of each post there is a section of  “Related Posts“, This hopefully is a fun way for you to get to know me and see posts from the past you may want to read!!

In the Sidebar... I will be making some changes… one is my Twitter Feed is now in place… If you like twitter.. check it out…

Pinterest...  If you love Pinterest.. As always you can click on the button at the bottom of each post to pin one of my pictures.. But now… You can hover over the picture and you will find a Pin It button there too!!!


I will be fussing with the site for a bit… so please still be patient!!


Now on to the CROCHET!!  I have been working on a new pattern… I didn’t quit finish it this weekend as planned… Hopefully this week!!  Here is another sneak peek…

rainbow dash bag sample

And…THIS THURSDAY  I have a very SPECIAL SURPRISE!!!  So make sure to come back and be a part of a really great Crochet Collaboration!!  Shhh… I might have a  little something new with one of my most popular patterns…

Lastly!!!  Next week will be the beginning of an 8 week Crochet Charity Extravaganza…  I hope you will tune in and help me make this a special time…  It includes my Amazing Grace Patterns,,, Charity,,, Prizes,,, and Paying it forward!!

Amazing Grace Charity Extravaganza

Happy Crocheting!!


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