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Amazing Grace Patterns

The Amazing Grace Free Crochet Pattern Series is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness and my dearest friend Sandra Kay Gilb.  Sandra passed away in 2007  from Breast Cancer.  This was a devastating loss and spurred my passion for Breast Cancer Awareness!  At the age of 43 Sandra was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, the same disease that took her mother’s life many years earlier and claimed Sandra’s life in less than 2 years.  Each Amazing Grace Pattern is designed to comfort cancer patients as they are treated and recovering from this or any disease!!  Please pay it forward by donating items made from these patterns to help someone afflicted by this disease.


I hope you also enjoy making them for yourselves, for gifts and spreading the word about Breast Cancer Awareness by sending other crocheter’s to my site to build Awareness and a Charitable Community!

*** You may make and sell products from my patterns but if you do I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy and post these patterns and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***


Amazing Grace Summer Coaster Set

Amazing Grace Coaster Set

Amazing Grace Tote Bag

Amazing Grace Tote


Amazing Grace Hat



Amazing Grace Headband    

Amazing Grace Headband


Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl    

Amazing Grace Shawl Collage


Amazing Grace Snoodie 




Amazing Grace Spa Trio


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19 comments on “Amazing Grace Patterns

  1. Thank you, I’m a 20 year stage 4 survivor.

  2. I have enjoyed your stories & patterns !!!!
    After seeing the Trio patterns, I’m excited
    to get started & continue to spread the
    awarness of Breast Cancer. I am a member
    of our church’s Prayer Shawl Ministies. I’m
    going to bring this cause to our meeting.
    Please continue to share your patterns !!!!!!
    Thank you !!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi I have a question please? When making a hat in the round and adding a color how do you crochet it so that the ends of the new color meet and not have one above the other? Hope this makes sense, I have a big problem with this when trying to do a new stripe on a hat so that it looks good and not have one above another when finishing the new color or stripe. Thanks ever so much, grandma sam Ps found you on Moogly.

    • Nice to meet you… You can finish off the row and join the new color with a slip stitch and continue with the pattern… or when you slip stitch to start the next row with the color change, you can use the new color to make the joining sl st… and go from there… Hope that helps!

  4. Thank you for the patterns. I plan to make the Prayer Shawl for my mother who is legally blind from macular degeneration and the Snoodie for my daughter who suffers from periodic t.i.a.’s.

  5. I am making your amazing grace prayer shawl for my church. Thank you for sharing your creations. I am making it in a green yarn, called Joshua Tree, which is a flowering Yucca tree that grows in the deserts. May this tree be someone’s tree of life in a desert place

  6. Hello. I have been working on this prayer shawl for a couple of days. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I am an experienced crocheter. But no matter how careful I seem to be, I seem to make a mistake nearly every row. Fortunately the pattern is easy to fix and my yarn sort of hides and errors. I have even taken to using stitch markers every 10 sets of stitches, just to be sure I end up with 62 sets, plus 2. The pattern isn’t a hard one. I hope it can be redeemed in the end .

    • Just to simplify… for the chain 2 space rows, they go in the middle dc of the previous row and for the Shell rows, the 3 dc Shells go in the chain 2 spaces from the previous row… so once you have the rows going you only need to do this sequence and shouldnt even need to count… it should line up with the shells on top of each other…

  7. I keep counting because i guess I’m obsessed with making a mistake. I seem to mess up on the single crochet chain 2 single. Sometimes missing one of the singles. Maybe im trying too hard or just not concentrating enough. It is an easy pattern. Thanks again for sharing it. I will likely use it again

  8. Good to know Im not the only one

  9. Thankyou very pretty

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